The biggest advantage of outsourcing your business’ day-to-day accounting processes is economics. Whether you need someone to oversee Accounts Payable or Accounts Receivable on a bi-monthly basis, weekly or a few hours each day, The Ledger Group can save you hundreds even thousands of dollars every month by providing you with just the services your business needs, when they are needed – no more, no less.

With The Ledger Group on task, you won’t run the risk of past-due payables or lose track of receivables -- and you won’t pay to watch a full-time bookkeeper sit idly by.

We will fix improperly posted entries and reconcile your accounts so that each month your books balance to the penny. We’ll handle your payroll, calculate tax withholdings, 401K contributions and cut checks, or call in payroll and enter to your general ledger. When it comes to employee expense reimbursements, we will help establish guidelines with a system of checks and balances to avoid fraud, review expense requests for validity and arrange timely payment.

• Accounts Receivable
• Accounts Payable
• Account Reconciliation
• Payroll and Time Accounting
• Employee Expense Reimbursement and Reporting
• Invoices, Estimates and Statements

Three Steps The Ledger Group Can Take to Optimize Your Cash Flow

• Develop solid A/R and A/P procedures
• Activate system to ensure that no billable item goes unbilled
• Pay bills as late as possible, but prior to due dates