The Ledger Group recognizes that, in order to move forward with your business, you must periodically peer into the state of its financial health and look at profitability from an objective viewpoint. In order to do so, financial reporting is crucial. By looking at true gross and net margins, after fixed and variable expenses, you will get a clearer picture of where to focus assets.

The Ledger Group can create financial reports from accounting software that offer in-depth, targeted profitability analysis. In many cases, we also serve as financial advisor to help businesses attain their goals for growth.

Your annual budget is a yardstick by which to measure performance and manage expenses. To put that to work for you, The Ledger Group can integrate budgetary guidelines into your accounting software. We will then be able to generate a monthly actual vs. budget analysis that can help you gauge the state of your business and make crucial management decisions along the way.

Profitability Reporting
Budget Preparation and Analysis